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Utah's Wasatch Hiking Trails

Brighton Lake Solitude
An Easy Hike near Brighton With Possibilities for Extending the Hike
Brighton Lake Solitude
Photo Gallery
  • Length: 3 miles round trip
  • Elevation Gain: 290 ft
  • Highest Elevation: 9,040 ft
  • Trailhead: Almost the end of the Big Cottonwood Road, at the building that is the Solitude Nordic Center in the winter and a forest service information center in the summer. The trail starts on the boardwalked area around Silver Lake.

The hike up to Lake Solitude is an easy stroll on a forested trail. Sounds like most of the trails around here. You just can't go wrong. This trail crosses some of the Solitude ski runs, and it is fun to see these runs without any snow and picture how it will look in a few months.

Start out on the boardwalk, and head to the right (going counter-clockwise). The first bit of the boardwalk is over marshy areas (unless the lake level is really high, which it hasn't been in a long time). You'll cross a small bridge that goes over a stream. You will probably see people fishing here, or at least see some medium sized trout in the stream.

After a little way, there is a fork in the trail; where the boardwalk continues around the lake, and a dirt path heads away from the lake. Take the dirt path. The sign says Lake Solitude and Twin Lakes . Keep following the signs to Lake Solitude until you reach the lake in about 1 ½ miles. It is an easy grade and a pleasant hike.

Disc Golfers One new thing I encountered on this walk was the sport of Disc Golf . Solitude has one of the courses in Utah for this free sport that is not your father's game of golf. No plaid pants and white shoes are required, it is even very acceptable to play the game shirtless.

tree at Lake Solitude And, like most of the other lake destinations in the Wasatch, the lake is crystal clear and flanked with pines and aspens, making it a peaceful place to rest your feet, have a snack (be sure not to leave anything behind, not wrappings, napkins, even apple cores).

When you are rested up, head back the way you came for the easiest way back. Or if you are up for a little more, continue past the lake and head up to the summit and down to Twin Lakes . This will add an extra mile to the hike.

For more pictures from this hike, check out the Hike Photo Gallery.

Backroads of Utah
by Theresa A. Husarik

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